Services – Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the mechanical process of grinding a stump, the process requires a specialized toll or machine called a Stump Grinder.

There are many sizes of Stump Grinders however the principles of operation and design are all similar. Below are some examples of the different tyes of Stump Grinders in Use

Bandit Hb Sidewinder model

Magnum Hand held model uses a chain saw as the power head.

The Big Guy for the extreme stumps.

Close up of the Magnum Alpine hand held machine.

Brisbane Bamboo Removal utilizers the Bandit HB Sidewinder machine as it is compact and powerful with the ability to fit thru narrow gates and even door ways to access Bamboo in small lot housing blocks with terrible access.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane has had 25 years experience in Stump Grinding and 15 years experience in Bamboo Removal.

There are many reasons why you should use a Stump Grinder Service.

  • The stump is the lowest part of a tree that has been cut down by a tree removal service. You can elect to leave it but let’s face it they are not a pretty object to look at. Pay the Extra and have it Stump Ground
  • By leaving a stump in place they become a hazard to children playing and running about the garden. If a visitor to your house trips or fall over the stump you may be open to all sorts of public liability claims.
  • A rotten stump may not all be below the ground and over time the mower and yard maintenance equipment will be damaged from the constant bashing into the stump.
  • Stumps that have not been fully removed have the ability to regrow and send runners sprouting up in the lawn and garden beds. You have already paid for the tree to be cut down once you don’t want it growing again.
  • Stumps are terrible things to maneuver around. The amount of times I have seen the car or trailer reversed into a stump not to mention trying to drive the mower around then having to double back to weed around the stump or brush cut