Services – Complete Bamboo Removal Brisbane

Bamboo Removal Brisbane offer the complete package for our customers .

What we offer in the Complete Package

  • Work Site Assessment and Quoting.

This is the first personal contact we have with the customer after the initial inquiry.

We arrange a time to come out a meet with you on site or view the job ourselves if you cannot meet with us.

The Bamboo is inspected and an assessment out of 100 is made as to how much of the Bamboo can be removed from below ground level with the stump grinder.

Some site constraints mean that not all Bamboo root systems can be removed and this is discussed with the customer and an alternate solution is offered.

The location of the Bamboo in the yard and access points are also taken into consideration and form part of the Quoting process

Parking for the equipment used to remove the Bamboo is also a major consideration.

  • A verbal or written quote is offered to the customer.

Once you have considered and accepted the Quote, Site conditions and constraints, a start date and payment method is initiated.

  • Start date and expected job duration.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane in collaboration with the customer discuss a start date that best suits the customer’s time line.

  • The Day work Commences and what to expect.

The Bamboo removal process starts by cutting the Bamboo as close to the ground as possible.

Once the bamboo is cut down it is then removed from site by means of a truck or put through a wood chipper and turned into Bamboo mulch and removed from site.

If you would like to keep the mulch on site and use it on the gardens this can be arranged.

This process of cutting the Bamboo down can take a few hours to a couple of days depending on the size of the clump of Bamboo.

  • The Final Stage of removal.

After all of the Bamboo green waste has been removed form site the Stump Grinding process can begin.

Stump Grinding is a mechanical process using a specific machine called a stump grinder to smash and mulch all of the roots up into Trash (a fine to medium mulch)

This mulch is usually left on site and in the place where the bamboo once was.

The Mulch is a combination of grindings and soil mixed together by the Stump Grinding Process.

An Additional cost to take this away is usually charged and is not included in the Package as other Contractors with loaders and trucks are required.

Removal of the mulch can be arranged and Bamboo Removal Brisbane can recommend the right Contractors for this task.

  • Not all Bamboo can be removed.

The Stump Grinder is a fantastic tool and in the right operators hands can achieve some amazing results.

However there are site constraints and conditions that some time make it impossible for the safe use of the Stump Grinding Machine.

If this is the case an Excavator or mini digger may be required to do the full removal or part removal of the Bamboo, this is also discussed with the Customer before the Project begins.

In Many case Bamboo is grown as a screening plant and is found close to fences which makes the Grinding Process also hard to complete along the fence post and rails.

It is usually not worth the added cost of getting a Digger to complete the task as the Grinder will significantly damage the root zone and an Herbicide will control and kill the small amount of Bamboo left.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane can put together a after care plan and implement this for our customers or with easy to follow steps the customer can save some additional costs and follow the After care Plan and do it themselves.

  • Job Completion and Payment

  Your project is now complete and final payment or full payment is now due.