Bamboo Maintenance Brisbane

Bamboo Removal Brisbane not only removes Bamboo with great success, we also offer a maintenance service .

Bamboo Maintenance includes, height and width reduction as well as thinning, prunning and hedging.

Instead of removing your privacy screen thats gone wild and annoying your neighbors and even bending in the rain and wind. Reduce its height, width and turn it into a hedge.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane is not a Tree Service company nor a Tree Lopper filling in time between jobs.

We are Bamboo Removal and Maintenance experts and have years of experience and great results to back this service up with.

These photos are examples of our work from full removal to hedging and maintenance.

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Bamboo Removal Mount Gravatt East

A large stand of Bamboo was messing the back yard up with leaf litter and shading trees.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane was called and took care of the Bamboo and the problems that it was calling

For all your Bamboo Problems, removal and maintenance call for a quote or an enquiry and we will be happy to assist you.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane

A recent job at D,aguliar. Two large clumps of Bamboo the new owners of the property in Monaro Drive had inherited from the previous owners.

One of the Bamboo clumps to be removed.

The job entailed the cutting down of the two large clump and a smaller clump. The Bamboo was processed on site and turned into a usable mulch and left on site for future use inthe construction of new garden beds.

The Bamboo cut and ready for the wood chipper.

The Bamboo clumps were then stump ground and turned into mulch in the garden where they once stood.

The Bamboo clumps now stump ground and turned to mulch.

For all your Bamboo problems call the experts in the removal and stump grinding of Bamboo from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

Job complete and left tidy.

Bamboo removal near me?

When searching for Bamboo removal near me ? Stop go no further than Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

With over 15 years experience in the removal of Bamboo, the maintenance of Bamboo and the hedging of Bamboo.

Offering the complete package. We provide free site appraisals and quotes and have full insurance.

As owner/operator of a trusted and well respected Stump grinding Service All Access Stump Grinding Rob has gained a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in his field.

Rob soon realized the need to specialize in the removal of Bamboo after repeated requests from his customer base. It was from these requests that Bamboo Removal Brisbane was launched.

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Bamboo Removal Brisbane- Tarragindi

Bamboo Removal Brisbane - Ferny Hills

A Blog by Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

An urgent inquiry from Cath of Tarragindi to Brisbane Bamboo Removal
services called for a site visit to look at the access to the site.

The Bamboo had been cut down by a landscaper friend of the family, however,
he did not have the means to fully remove the Bamboo and gave up on trying to
dig it out.

We found the access to be difficult up the side of the house and the
grinding machine would have to been pulled apart to get past the pinch point
and then re-assembled.

This task has been done before, however only when there is no other option.

Cath was more than willing to let Bamboo Removal Brisbane wheel the machine
through her house.

This in its self was a tricky operation (also been done before) the Stump
Grinder had to be unloaded from the back of the Ute and maneuvered across ramps
onto the front landing of the house.

Protective drop sheets were then placed on the floor to allow the machine to
go through the hall and dining room to access the back yard.

The Bamboo was located along both side boundary fences.

With one clump containing electric cables that ran along the fence to feed
low voltage light at the pool, these cables had to be taken into consideration
during the grinding process.  

The Job was completed without incident and the Grinder returned safely to the work Ute.

Tarragindi is just one of the many suburbs of Brisbane that Bamboo Removal Brisbane services.

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