Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

You remove and we stump grind the root zone.

Bamboo cut down by owner.
Stump grinding by Bamboo Removal Brisbane.
After. Stump Grinding by Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

Or we can do the entire job from start to finish

During. Bamboo cut and ready for stump grinding.
After stump grinding.
Bamboo proccessing.

Removal of Bamboo is not all we do at Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

Bamboo hedging.
Bamboo Maintenance.
Bamboo thinning and reduction.

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We can call in on your job and walk you through the process.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

A recent job grinding out the root system of green strip Bamboo that our industrious customer had cut down.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane at Nundah.

The Bamboo Removal Brisbane team arrived at the job in Nundah and were told that a new and larger shed was to be built on the site and the Bamboo was cut down to make way for the shed slab.

Half the Bamboo has been reduced to mulch.

Nundah is just one of the many Brisbane suburbs that Bamboo Removal Brisbane services.

We also cut and remove the Bamboo. We hedge and thin out Bamboo as well.

Please visit and see our services from start to finish.

Job completed at Nundah by Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

Call Rob at Bamboo Removal Brisbane to find out how he can help you with your Bamboo Removal Project.

Mobile 0412 192 196.

Bamboo trimming and maintenance

These stands of Bamboo were so tall that during periods of bad weather they swayed and banged on the houses next store.

Two clumps were thinned and one clump was cut down to fence height to form a future hedge.

For all you Bamboo removal and maintenance contact us at

An example of Bamboo recently shaped and trimmed into a hedge by Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

Bamboo removal near me?

When searching for Bamboo removal near me ? Stop go no further than Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

With over 15 years experience in the removal of Bamboo, the maintenance of Bamboo and the hedging of Bamboo.

Offering the complete package. We provide free site appraisals and quotes and have full insurance.

As owner/operator of a trusted and well respected Stump grinding Service All Access Stump Grinding Rob has gained a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in his field.

Rob soon realized the need to specialize in the removal of Bamboo after repeated requests from his customer base. It was from these requests that Bamboo Removal Brisbane was launched.

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Bamboo Removal Brisbane – Brighton

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We have 15 years experience in the removal of Bamboo from Brisbane and Sunshine coast back yards. We are the go to specialists for Bamboo Removal.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane

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Bamboo Removal Brisbane

Bamboo Removal Brisbane is a local company owned and operated by a True Brisbane Local.

Rob has been involved in the Tree and Landscape Industry for over 25 years and successfully removing Bamboo from Brisbane backyards for over 15 years.

As owner/operator of  A trusted and well respected Stump Removal Service, All Access Stump Grinding.

Rob has gained a wealth of experience knowledge and expertise in his Field. Rob soon realised the need to specialise in the removal of Bamboo and from this Bamboo Removal Brisbane was launched.

Why Choose Bamboo Removal Brisbane?

Owned and Operated by a
True Local

Brisbane born and bred, Rob is your Bamboo Removal Brisbane Specialist who can get the job done properly, first time round.

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25+ Years Experience in the Industry

Rob has the experience, skills and contacts to offer the complete tree, stump grinding and Bamboo removal package in any situation.

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We are Fully Insured

Brisbane Bamboo Removal is fully insured with public liability and property damage insurance.

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Bamboo Removal Brisbane

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With full insurance and over 25 years experience in the tree and landscape industry – why not consider us for your next Bamboo removal project.

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