Bamboo Removal Mount Gravatt East

A large stand of Bamboo was messing the back yard up with leaf litter and shading trees.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane was called and took care of the Bamboo and the problems that it was calling

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Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

You remove and we stump grind the root zone.

Bamboo cut down by owner.
Stump grinding by Bamboo Removal Brisbane.
After. Stump Grinding by Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

Or we can do the entire job from start to finish

During. Bamboo cut and ready for stump grinding.
After stump grinding.
Bamboo proccessing.

Removal of Bamboo is not all we do at Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

Bamboo hedging.
Bamboo Maintenance.
Bamboo thinning and reduction.

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Bamboo Removal Brookwater

A large stand of Black Bamboo was creating a leafy mess for the home owner Greg.

Black Bamboo Removal Brookwater

Greg phoned Bamboo Removal Brisbane and was asked to send a load of photographs of the Bamboo and access areas for machinery.

After a quick conversation Bamboo Removal Brisbane was commisioned to undertake the removal and stump grinding of the Bamboo.

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Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

A recent job grinding out the root system of green strip Bamboo that our industrious customer had cut down.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane at Nundah.

The Bamboo Removal Brisbane team arrived at the job in Nundah and were told that a new and larger shed was to be built on the site and the Bamboo was cut down to make way for the shed slab.

Half the Bamboo has been reduced to mulch.

Nundah is just one of the many Brisbane suburbs that Bamboo Removal Brisbane services.

We also cut and remove the Bamboo. We hedge and thin out Bamboo as well.

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Job completed at Nundah by Bamboo Removal Brisbane.

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Bamboo Removal Brisbane – Brighton

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Bamboo Removal Oxenford

A blog by Bamboo Removal Brisbane

A call from Brian to Bamboo Removal Oxenford today. Brian called Bamboo Removal Brisbane to finish off a job he started and relized after damaging his equipment he was losing the battle to remove the Bamboo from a raised planter box.

The Planter box was been pushed apart by the Bamboo slowly growing and clumping and forcing the garden apart at the seams.

The planter box was partly dismantled to allow for the grinder to go to work and with a combination of grinding and crowbar work the planter was removed to allow for full access to the Bamboo roots.

Brian is planning to grow turf in place of the raised garden bed and requested that we leave the clean up to him so he can get all his levels right .

Oxenford is just one of the many suburbs that bamboo Removal Brisbane services.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane specialize in Stump GrindingStump RemovalTree RemovalBamboo Removal.

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