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Bamboo Removal Brisbane

By Bamboo Removal Brisbane

John from Elizabeth Street Bardon had a massivebamboo standfor removal, planted between his neighbors and his back deck as a privacy screen, unfortunately the Bamboo had begun to get out of control, growing to tall and large for the area, destroying a fence in the process.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane was called in to cut down the remaining stand and stump grind the Bamboo root zone. The area was tight and storm water pipes were in the grinding area.

A combination of machine and hand digging was required to complete this job.

There will also be follow up maintenance to insure a successful eradication of the Bamboo..

Bardonis just one of many Brisbane suburbs that Bamboo Removal Brisbane services.

Bamboo Removal Brisbane specialize inStumpGrinding,Stump Removal,Tree Removal,Bamboo Removal.

For more information, please call Rob on

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