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Bamboo Removal Newmarket

Kim and Terry called Bamboo Removal Newmarket to their property on Wilston Road Newmarket.

We arrived to face two massive bamboo stands for removal, one was planted between the house and the side fence in a very narrow space, nearly 6 years ago as a screen.

Kim and Terry were told by the Bamboo supplier that this Bamboo would be great as a screen and would be easy to maintain , unfortunately the Bamboo was left unchecked by the tennants and had gotten out of control growing to tall and large for the area, destroying a fence in the process and invading the neighbours yard. (The neighbours were happy to leave there side alone)

The other stand of Bamboo was planted at the front of the property and next to the side boundary fence. It also had gotten out of control and had spread over the entrance gate and path also the garden steps.

Bamboo Removal Newmarket was called in to cut down the two stands of Bamboo and stump grind the Bamboo root zone.

The area between the house was very narrow and specialist techniques were implemented to remove and kill the root zone.

There will also be follow up maintenance to insure a successful eradication of the Bamboo..

Newmarket is just one of many Brisbane suburbs that Bamboo Removal Brisbane services.

Bamboo removal Brisbane specialize in Stump GrindingStump RemovalTree RemovalBamboo Removal.

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